Found this rare pic of Ryan & Mary in the depths of my ancient FD folder!

I don’t remember ever seeing it before, what a cool discovery!

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i love your blog! do you know more final destination blogs as awesome as yours?

well there used to be a few others but they’re either gone now or haven’t been active in a really long time so i guess it’s just me now. and thank you!

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this blog is 3 years old today! ^_^

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The Final Destination (2009) opening titles

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Hey would you mind making a gifset of the x-ray death sequence thing at the start of The Final Destination? (great blog btw, so happy I found it)

okay I’ll try that later i do love that opening & thank you

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Could you make more MEW gifs pleaaaseeee?

yes ofc i love giffing her<3

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