I was snooping around the internet today and I came across this rare footage of the FD3 behind the scenes on some Korean website so I ripped it from there & uploaded it for you guys! I love finding stuff like this :)

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In a couple of weeks. After graduation.

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I had a vision.

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I love Wendy and Kevin's relationship. You see real friendship over there and it might lead to something more if Death didn't interfere ya know hahaha

Actually I liked their relationship because it was a platonic girl-guy pairing in a movie which was really cool to see.

All shipping and fanfiction aside obviously Wendy and Kevin would’ve never been together, especially since they clearly went separate ways after the events of the tricentennial and hadn’t been close or seen each other for a while before meeting on the subway at the end.

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horror meme: favourite horror movie series - final destination

"We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon - this afternoon which is so certain, and which has every hour filled in advance."

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I'll meet you at the end.

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There is someone walking behind you. Turn around and look at me.
                          There is someone watching your footsteps…

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It's kinda funny how Final Destination 3 can really sober you up when it comes down to Wendy dealing with Jason's death. It kinda puts things into perspective and makes you wonder how you would deal with the death of the person you love the most and how much time they have left. Final Destination 5 kinda does too, in the sense that it makes you wonder if you would go out of your way to rescue someone even if they just broke your heart. Horror films turned therapists.

Yeah you’re totally right. FD3 was extremely realistic in its portrayals of grief and sadness, which is something most horror movies don’t have at all and characters who die are rarely ever mentioned afterwards, you know.

Even though they’re films about the supernatural they’re also films about mortality and people around us dying which is something everyone can relate to and is afraid of.

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