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Hey, weird question :) I wanna right a book about a girl who is a descendent from witches or something, who can just by touching someone's skin can see when and how they'll die. She is forbidden to interfere with these deaths and so far hasn't, but one day to save her oldest friend,she does. In return for robbing him her friends soul, death wants to take hers instead, sending deadly events her way. Is this too much like TFD series? I love the franchise but I needed a second opinion Thank you xx

hmm, depends on what kind of “deadly events” you’re thinking about… i wouldn’t go with freak accidents because that is just too FD. maybe have her haunted and threatened by ghostly apparitions of death or demons and whatnot? that’d be different enough.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ryan Merriman shooting Final Destination 3

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I like how in that first photo, Tod's like "I'M TOO FABULOUS TO DIE!" :P

right? such a glamour shot.

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Final Destination (2000)

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I always thought it'd be nice if they had a character who had a goth style like Erin's but had Molly's personality. Ya know, just a crack in the paradigm.

A nice goth? That’d be different.

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If Peter were the one who had the premonition, he'd be pushing to get Candice to safety like Sam did with Molly. On top of that, it didn't seem like he had much regard for anyone else but himself and Candice. He was in no position to criticize Sam for saving Molly.

Yeah he was a bit hypocritical. And besides he was heartbroken over Candice so he was just really angry and not thinking rationally

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I brought up the idea that an anon had mentioned about a future film with Sam's brother with a friend of mine and he said that it would probably add more emotion to his character(if they ever feature him)if he reveals that after finding Molly, they did an autopsy and learned that Molly was pregnant. I, personally, don't know how I feel about that but it does sound like it would give him a more emotional background(not that he wouldn't already have one).

It would, you’re right. That could be a very interesting thing to explore.

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I always thought - since the idea of a Final Destination TV show has been discussed before - it would be cool if they made a show where any episode could take place at any point in time up until 2009, focussing particularly on the newspaper stories that haven't been explored. The ones seen in Clear's cell, Nick's article about the Flight 180 pilot, Burke and Kimberly's last stand. The final episode could be an accident on the set of Love Lays Dying, which explains why 4 is THE final destination.

Ugh that would be amazing. Since the recent rise of popularity of horror TV shows you never know.

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